Levidey Lavi Plywood Import & Distribution Ltd

Everything you want to know about Levidey Lavi.

We are an Israeli based company with experience of over 50 years in the wood and plywood industry. Over the years, we

have gained the position of one of the biggest importers and distributors of wood based products, and nonetheless a market leader regarding trends, finishes and designs.

Located in Rehovot and Ashdod (next to the port), with a large logistic capacity.

14,000-m2 warehouse capacity, over 1,200 regular clients and distribution services throughout Israel and the Palestinian


The company represents and distributes in Israel, some of the leading brands in the international wood industry and promote its products to wood fabricators, building companies, wood trading companies , kitchen and furniture manufacturers, architects and designers.

Levidey Lavi adapts to the changing needs in the market and provides quality products with technical specialization, in order to serve its customers’ needs. For this reason, we keep expanding and looking for new suppliers, new solutions and new trends.

The company uses up-to-date machinery, high tech gluing lines for veneers and High Pressure laminate, saw beams, and edge-banding lines.

The vast experience gained over the years, alongside wide technical knowledge, established business administration and young promising management, gives Levidey Lavi their unique character: “proven company with young essence”.


Levidey Lavi Commerce & Marketing LTD
6Derech Hyam st'
Rehovot, zip 76579
Tel: 972-8-9461881, 972-8-9466878
Fax: 972-8-9473081
E-mail: info@lvl.co.il



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