Levidey Lavi Plywood Import & Distribution Ltd

“Levidey Lavi” is a private company based in Rehovot, Israel.

The company is owned & managed by the Lavi family.  After few generations of manufacturing carpentry products and wood based panels, the Lavi family founded Levidey Lavi in 1985 based on importing, distributing & trading wood based products used by the Israeli market.

Since 1990, Levidey Lavi has been positioned as one of Israel's leading suppliers of wood based products.  Its product offering includes a vast range of Plywood, M.D.F’s, Melamine Faced Chipboards, OSB’s, Hard Boards, High Pressure Laminates, Standard Laminates, Veneers and Post Forming.

Most of our products are imported from major leading brands based all over the world.

In the recent years Levidey Lavi expanded itself to become Israel's major importer and trader of Construction Panels, Tego Film Plywood and Shuttering Boards. 

Levidey Lavi quickly adjusts itself to the changing demands of the carpentry industry and designers fashion trends, providing only quality products with technical specializations in order to fulfil its customers’ needs.  We are constantly seeking to further expand our line card with innovative and advanced brands & products.

The products we import are categorized as unfinished and semi-finished products. Thus, mostly being processed and adjusted in the company owned factories to fit our customers’ specific needs or being offered as raw materials for industrial use.

Levidey Lavi factories are equipped with modern equipment and machinery, including more than 12 cold press machines and automatic gluing lines for our High Pressure Laminates and Veneers.  These ensure the provision of efficient, professional and competitive services under one roof from which both our customers and principals seek benefit.

With a space of over 50,000 sqm, the company is located in Rehovot city, just 25 km from Tel-Aviv, 15 km from the Israeli major port in Ashdod and alongside the main north & south highways of Israel. Our fleet of trucks operates throughout Israel and the Palestinian authority. We cover the entire market with a nationwide team of professional & experienced sales agents.

Our customer’s base includes over 2,000 different clients and consists of furniture & kitchen manufacturers, packing manufacturers, plywood dealers, governmental & public offices, architects & designers and others.

Our constant participation in relevant local trade shows and conferences, our comprehensive advertising in local magazines and our large quality database of customers, ensure optimal exposure of our principals and their products within the Israeli market.

For further information please contact us at +972-8-9466878 or info@lvl.co.il

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